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Everlast Weighted Vest Review & Guide For 2018

Everlast weighted vest is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment and is incredibly versatile. Professional athletes and beginners both kind of people use this weighted vest because they are incredibly versatile, easy to use, builds your body, increases the bone density, decreases body fat and boosts the energy levels. The fitness routine is […]


Empower Weighted Vest Review In 2018

Do you know that adding extra weight to your own body while exercising can give effective results? Yes, it is straightforward to run or lift with your body without any resistance. Pulling your inner strength out with some additional pounds gives you drastic improvement. The best weight vest like empower weighted vest gives you training […]


Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest Review

Life becomes easier when you have fitness routine and proper exercising equipment. Just like the modern world, fitness equipment has also evolved into smartest pieces to pull yourself out of the comfort zone. Cap barbell adjustable weighted vest is undoubtedly one of the best inventions ever made in the field of fitness training by CAP Barbell company. Adding […]


Bowflex Selecttech 1090 Pair Reviews For 2018

Fitness is not a destination, but its a way of life! Everyone dreams of having a perfect body and a fully equipped gym to perform various fitness exercises. Dumbbells are most popular fitness equipment and used all around the world on a regular basis for routine workouts. Bowflex selecttech 1090 pair of dumbbells are smart, easy […]


Adjustable Weighted Vest Review & Guides In 2018

Exercise is one of the major parts of the modern lifestyles. If you have never used a weighted vest in your fitness schedule, you are really missing something. A weighted vest like ZFO sports 50 lbs short adjustable weighted vest is an specialized equipment which is used in regular weight training and body fitness in […]


80lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest Guides In 2018

Do you know what is the most important thing does your body needs after water, sleep, and food? It’s exercise! A well-exercised body is a home to positive vibes, good health, and perfect lifestyle. Physical fitness program does need some equipment to perform certain workouts.Adding few pounds to your exercises increases the resistance of the body […]


50 lb Weight Vest Exclusive Guides In 2018

Physical exercise is a body activity that enhances the fitness levels of human body and keeps your health well. Performing exercises daily can increase the body growth and development, keeps good cardiac health, prevents aging, improves the athletic skills, strengthens your muscles and also gives you best outlooks. Indoor exercises need some gym equipment which […]


10lb Weight Vest Review & Guides In 2018

A healthy body is a temple for a healthy soul. Physical fitness plays a significant role in keeping human body fit and healthy. Staying fit does need enormous time to spend in gym and workouts. To make changes in your body, you must use some equipment during the time of your exercise.Popular companies are using the […]


Best Shooting Vest Reviews & Buying Guides In 2018

Love to play with a gun while hunting or shooting? It is really an exciting game. To enjoy the game you must have to wear the best shooting vest. The vest will keep you safe especially when you are busy with clay pigeon shooting, trap shooting, and skeet shooting.You will be protected from recoil and […]


Cheap Weighted Vest Review & Guides

Want to make your body like a macho man? A woman with abs? Then you definitely will need a cheap weighted vest. This vest works to increase your strength, power, and speed by giving overloading effect on the body. How does this effect come?​Well, the weighted vests add weight to the upper body and make […]