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Do you know what is the most important thing does your body needs after water, sleep, and food? It's exercise! A well-exercised body is a home to positive vibes, good health, and perfect lifestyle. Physical fitness program does need some equipment to perform certain workouts.

Adding few pounds to your exercises increases the resistance of the body and push you harder to reach your fitness goals faster.

A weighted vest is the best way to emphasize your training program and you can find them everywhere if you tend to go to the gym frequently. It looks like a armor at the first sight but is simple and comfortable to wear. It helps you to add some weight to your body to push your body out of the comfort zone.

These vests come in different weight ranges and unfortunately, most of the people experience problems in selecting the weighted vests. The 80lbs adjustable weighted vest is one of the heavy weighted vests and mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders.


ZFOsports Weighted Vest: At A Glance

Zfo weighted vest is one of the best-weighted vests you can purchase in the present marketplace. It is an 80lbs weighted vest that comes with the perfect adjustable system and a user-friendly design. You can adjust the weights with the help of straps and it is designed as one size fit model. It depends on your needs to choose this product and check whether it matches your workout sessions.

Product Features:

  • ​Comes with cell phone pocket.
  • Weighs 80lbs and adjustable.
  • Designed with on belt design which is very easy to step up.
  • Comes in one size fit.
  • Designed with water bottle holder.
Things We Liked
  • Best design
  • High quality
  • Durable
Things We Didn't Like
  • Poor stitching structure

Shopping Guide For 80lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest:

It is not an easy task to select a weighted vest without having prior knowledge of its characteristics and features. Learning few things about the gym equipment guides you to invest in the proper one. Here is the buying guide that explains to you how to choose the weighted vest:

Adjustable Weight Capacity:

Adjustment of the weight is one of the most important features you must check before choosing the one. When it comes to the weight of the vest, you need to take more care cause it defines the capacity and resistance of the vest. It weights to 10- 80 pounds which can be reduced or increased using 2.5lbs to 4lbs each time.

It takes some time to adjust the weights and tie the straps. Weighted vests are basically fit over the shoulders and secured all across the body with the help of straps, clips, and zips. As most of the vests are adjustable, you can change them according to your requirements. Also, the vest must be secured tightly without any movement or gap in between the body.​


Safety comes first no matter what kind of exercise you are doing. Weighted vests are naturally heavy in weight and drag your body out of the comfort zone which increases the risk of injuries. Here are some points which ensure that the vest is safe to use:

  • Fit: It must fit perfectly around the body without any unnecessary gaps.
  • Comfort: You must feel comfortable inside it without any pain.
  • Material made up of: It should be breathable and lighter on the skin.
  • Adjustments: It should be easy to adjust and operate quickly.
  • Easy to use: Weighted vest should be easy to use to save some time.


The durability of the weighted vest always depends upon its quality. Investing in a good quality vest can give you long run and helps you to achieve the best!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it suitable for all sizes of people?

A. Yes, it is an one size fit vest.

Q: What is the material used in the making of weight bars?

A. Iron material.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A. No.

Q: Is it safe to use?

A. It is safe to use and wearing a vest can increase your metabolic cost which indeed burns more calories in less time.

Final Words:

After reading this 80lbs adjustable weighted vest, we hope you got enough information about this product. Choosing the best one can give you the best results. The weighted vest adds weight to your body to decrease your weight and burn the fat. It is always better to use it in your workouts to have best results.

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