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How Does A Wireless Fence Work?


It’s not possible always to keep the pets in a room or house. They used to go outside as they love to stay free. It may be the reason for their life risk- either they may be hit by a car or attacked by other animals. So, it’s necessary to contain the pets within a specific area where they can run and play freely, and where there can get sufficient comfort and safety.

An invisible electric fence is the best possible mechanism for that purpose which is safe and secure and allows the pet a wider area to stay free and play around. How does it do that?

To get the answer and understand it, we need to know the key components of a wireless pet fence and the working mechanisms of the components as well. It has three components mainly-

  • Transmitter
  • Collar/Receiver
  • Boundary Flag

How do they do their individual work and how do they get connected to each other to accomplish the fencing procedure? Let’s get detail-

  1. The transmitter is the main part of the containment system. It comes with a microwave electric signal transmitting mechanism. When you install the unit as stated in the manual (don’t worry, it’s a simple and less time-consuming task), it gets set to empower the covered area with required signaling.

    In this installation process, you need to keep one thing in your mind very cautiously- it’s the positioning of the transmitter. It should be placed in a way that it can cover a circular area in all directions.​

    The last point till the signal covers is said to be the boundary limit where you need to put the flags. There should be no objects near to (around) the transmitter that may cause hindrance of signaling. Be concerned about weather turbulence so that the transmitter doesn’t get wet or overheated, although the high-end transmitter comes in all-weather condition setup.

    Provide electric power supply to the transmitter and set the frequency level which determines the area to be covered. Once these are set, you can switch on the signal sending button and it will start its work.
  2. As the signal is being transmitted, it’s the time to start the collar’s functioning. The collar or receiver is made in order to receive the signal emitted from the transmitter. It continuously is receiving the signals and perform its task only when worn in the neck of a dog or pet.

    How does it perform?​

    Very simple, when the pet wearing the collar starts to get closer (a certain pre-set distance) to the boundary, the collar starts to give one or more or even continuous warning beep so that the pet gets away from the boundary. If the pet ignores the warning-beep and continues to move toward the boundary, the collar starts to provide shock which is known as “correction”. 

    Initially, the level of correction used to be mild which increases more gradually if the pet still continues to approach. The shock may continue up to 1 minute and then stop for 1.5 minutes to 3 minutes and start offering shock again. It continues with interval unless the dog gets back inside the safe boundary area.

  3. The coverage area can be adjusted according to your necessity. If you think that your pet requires less area for being small in size, you can decrease the signal coverage. 

    On the other hand

    You may increase depending on the size and possible movability of the pet. The coverage can be adjusted in between a range of 10-foot minimum to 3 acres maximum depending on types and brands of the wireless fence. 

  4. Interestingly, the correction system will contain only those pets which are wearing the collars. To be noted, you can purchase a fence for one or even more pets.

    For more pets, it would require more collars. If any pet doesn’t wear the collar and move throughout the boundary area, the correction system wouldn’t affect that.

Last Words

This is all about “How does a wireless fence work?”. It works as a strong invisible barrier to the pets. It wouldn’t waste your yard or create any physical barrier that is odd and inconvenient most of the time. So, if you have a pet, we suggest you buy a quality wireless dog fence.

Ashley Greene is an entrepreneur, Petlover and passionate blogger who wrote for Petcareio.com. He has extensive experience and expertise in writing about pets. He helps new pet owners to choose the best products for their pet.

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