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How to Use a Black and Decker Rice Cooker Effectively


Are you interested to know how to use a black and decker rice cooker? Then this article is going to share that with some exclusive ideas. Generally, an electric cooker is a great cooking assistant to make your task easier more than anything.

It offers you delicious and fluffy rice with the most used digital configuration. Different kind of tasty meals can be prepared well with the latest features as this brand significantly offers.

In this article, you will know the ultimate features this popular brand have and the step by step method of using it. Let’s start our discussion without wasting your precious time

Features of Black and decker rice cooker: 

Every rice cooker has its own way. Each one has subtle difference than other; Manufacturers use the most unique ideas to mark their brand as the most valuable one with the impressive features.

This one is not different in this case too. Let me introduce you with that first of all.

  • Size and capacity:

Capacity is the most important feature of any rice cooker. Black and decker have both small to large models to meet the variety needs of different sized family.

This notable brand has up to 20 cups of cooking capacity. Whenever you have to attend so many guests, you won’t need to worry about that.

  • Multiple digital functionality:

A cooker works great when it has so many outstanding digital set up functions. Various types of rice such as white rice, brown rice etc. you can cook without any hassle using those configurations.

Moreover, it saves your time too. Just pressing a button by connecting the plug, you can start cooking your favorite dishes.

  • Steaming basket:

There is an amazing function named steaming basket associated with this cooker. It helps you preparing vegetables, fishes, chicken, soups etc. in a healthy way. Also, it keeps the nutrient values of the food well.

  • Keep warm mode:

This is the most common feature of every rice cooker. Black and decker are not exceptional at all in terms of it. The manufacturers also use this impressive feature.

When cooking is completed, it automatically turns on to the keep warm function. It preserves the rice moisturizer and keeps it warm for extended period of time.

You can understand this transform of the cooking cycle as there are indicator lights with it.

  • Glass lid:

You will find vented glass lid in the most of the models of black and decker. It is so important to release the pressure. And this excellent feature makes it possible by doing so. Also, you can monitor the whole cooking process through it easily.

  • Non-stick accessories:

There are non-stick cooking accessories associated with it. This crucial property allows the rice freshly cooked without sticking on the surface.

You will find the non-stick pot that is coated with Teflon as well. It is especially marked with water level. Eventually, it will assist you make the right measurement. Nevertheless, there are measuring cup, scoop etc. are being included in it.

how-to-use a black-and-decker-rice-cooker

Step by step instructions to use black and decker rice cooker  

If you really want to know how to use a black and decker rice cooker, you must follow the instructions strictly. Again you must have a vast knowledge of how it works.

  • Rinse the measured rice properly:

    Make the right measurement of the rice. Then start rinsing it under cold water. Use your fingers properly and clean the rice in a circular motion. Repeatedly do this process for 6/7 times. Make sure it is washed properly.
  • Take the rice in the cooker:

    Are you finished in rinsing the grains? Then connect the plug and turn on the cooker. The heating plate and the surface of the cooking container must be dry. Make sure you checked it well.

    Again, it should have a contact with the heating plate. Then the rice can have heat and you will have warm and properly cooked rice. Now place the rinsed rice on it.
  • Add water:

    Using the right amount of water is essential in producing delicious, fluffy and fresh rice. For doing so, use the water level marking of the black and decker cooker.

    In fact, this crucial feature helps you a lot to maintain the exact water and rice ratio. Mixing too much water may spoil the rice.
  • Use different functions:

    There are so many different functions in it. If you want to cook brown rice, press that button for having tasty meal. Like this, you can use desired function for cooking variety of dishes as well.
  • Put the lid on the cooker:

    While cooking rice, never open the lid of it. In fact, it will harm the total vaporization process. To get soft, fresh and fluffy rice, you must place it rightfully.

    The steam grow inside is definitely important for cooking rice.
  • Get the rice prepared:

    The rest of the process is very simple. When you begin start plugging it on the electrical outlet, half of your work is done.  There an indicator light will come on.

    With the glass lid, you can monitor the total rice preparing activities. After the successful finished of cooking rice, it will automatically switch off to the keeping warm mode.

    That’s how you can serve warm and fresh rice before your family and friends.

Wrap up:

This article is come up with the helpful instruction of how to use a black and decker rice cooker. Before you start using, you must know the unique features of it.

As we are very well-known about it, we have illustrated about that on the first part of the article. Well-prepared rice mostly depends on the usage of it.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and methods. Hopefully, you can cook better rice with this popular brand cooker.

Image Source: pexels.com

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