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A healthy body is a temple for a healthy soul. Physical fitness plays a significant role in keeping human body fit and healthy. Staying fit does need enormous time to spend in gym and workouts. To make changes in your body, you must use some equipment during the time of your exercise.

Popular companies are using the techniques of science and technology to build customized exercise equipment to accomplish your training process.

A weighted walking vest is one of the smartest home gym equipment which provides you a pretty easy and quick way to burn calories. 10lb weighted vest should be your first choice when you are a beginner for the fitness program. If you are in search for the best one, you are in a right place.


10lb Weight Vest: At A Glance

The GoFit weighted vest is a perfect solution for your workout needs like aerobics, walking, running and training for physical fitness. It is equipped with adjustable weights that range from 0.75 pounds to 10 pounds. 

The unique double closure design guaranteed the total body comfort of the user and encloses the weight correctly around the body.

The neoprene padding system features to ease and convenience for the user during the time of workouts. The well designed weighted vest adds resistance to your training and also increases the chances of best results.

The weights are actually built by granulated steel shot packets and the whole vest suits for both men and women

Product Features:

  • ​Comes with adjustable weights from 0.75 pounds to 10 pounds.
  • Designed as One size fits all weighted vest.
  • Designed with Neoprene padding for good body comfort.
  • Comes with one water bottle holster.
  • Designed as unique double closure design.
  • Perfectly stitched padded weights for comfortable resistance.
  • Designed with granulated steel shot packets.
  • Machine washable.
Things We Liked
  • Fantastic design
  • Unisex vest
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
Things We Didn't Like
  • Size issues
  • Threads are loose

Shopping Guide For 10 lb Weight Vest:

Before buying a 10lb weighted walking vest, you must learn some facts and features related to them.

Without proper knowledge, you might commit a big mistake in the selection which leads to risks and injuries during the time of exercises cause its the matter of your body.

Here are the main things you need to check before the purchase:​


The quality of the vest should be the main thing you need to consider because it decides the durability, reliability, and functionality of the walking vest. Cheap equipment can be waste of your time and also they break even before you start your hard workouts.

So, make sure to invest in high quality. The gofit company never compromises in the matter of quality so, you don't have to think twice about this product.


Most of the weighted vests are adjustable and allows the user to reduce or increase the weight of the vest according to their needs. Different people need different weights based on their type of workout and exercises.

Some exercise needs small weight and some exercises need heavyweights. The process of adjusting the weight should be easy and takes mostly few seconds to minutes.

Know your exercise needs:

You should know the type of activity and training process you are going through to select the matching vest. Few activities need little resistant where some activities need heavy resistance. Running and walking needs medium to heavy weights depending on the capability of the user.

Weighted workouts need a heavyweight to add extra resistance to your body. Selecting a wrong weight may not give any result even though you have wasted elbow grease for hours of time.


While you are exercising, you really need some comfort and ease to work out easily. When it comes to a weighted vest, it adds resistance to your body. So, the design should be comfortable on your body and give resistance to your exercise pattern.

The interior of the vest should be designed with good material to keep you protected.

Frequently Asked Questi​ons (FAQs)

Q: Is it safe to use?

A. It is completely safe to use for home exercise workouts

Q: What is the material it is made up of?

A. It is made up of nylon and spandex. Neoprene is used in the padding system

Q: Does it fit for a woman?

A. Absolutely yes! It is a unisex weighted vest and fits for everyone.​

Q: Can I remove the weights?

A. Yes, it is an adjustable vest comes with closed enclosure. You can remove the weights depending on your training process. The vest consists of 11 pockets front and back filled with granulated weights.

​Q: How much does it weights?

A. It weighs 75 pounds to 10 pounds.

Final Words:

So, here is the detailed review of the 10lb weighted walking vest, Gofit weighted vest. Fitness does not come within one day or one month and needs lifetime commitment.

We hope you got what you are searching for and now don't waste a second of time and invest in your fitness right now!

Image Source: gofit.net

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