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Best shooting vest

Love to play with a gun while hunting or shooting? It is really an exciting game. To enjoy the game you must have to wear the best shooting vest. The vest will keep you safe especially when you are busy with clay pigeon shooting, trap shooting, and skeet shooting. 

You will be protected from recoil and the vest pockets will help you to keep shooting glasses, bullet shells and cartridges easily. In a word the vests just make your hunting easy. And now as for choosing the vest, there are millions of options and all of them are just confusing.

To make the choosing easy, in this trap shooting vest reviews you will get a lot of information about the shooting vests that will help you to make your shooting experience more adventurous.​

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Shopping Guide For Best Shooting Vest:

There was a time that I spent most of the time in the year in shooting or hunting. I used to love that adventure. So I know the importance of a shooting vest when you are with a gun. There are types of vest that you will come across but not all of them will meet your requirements.

So to help all shooting lovers, I have decided to make an online shop to sell different kinds of shooting vests that will meet every hunting or shooting lovers need.

​You will get the custom shooting vests from me and that is 100% guaranteed. While you are taking an item from me in bonus you will get advice from many experienced users who will help you to pick the right thing for the right time. I, also personally give some advice to my special customers.

#How We Choose:

​There is obviously some considerations to pick the perfect shooting vest to use while hunting or shooting. Here are the points that you have to check:

  • Left or Right-handed:
    It is not known by everyone. Many of us don’t know about the types of shooting vest. They are left or right handed. So it can be chosen by the users. It makes the user easy and safe.
  • Recoil Cushion Pockets:
    Pockets with a cushion in the shooting vest are the best thing to have for shooters. For this, you will feel comfortable when you are in the shooting. Make sure your vest has this pad, if not try to attach the pads. Before attaching the pad make sure the vest has a pocket. This recoil pad helps you to use a firearm without any problem or slam in the shoulder that may create pain. New shooters must have to keep this in mind.
  • Material:
    You will have to check that the vest is breathable or aeration. Most of the shooting vests come with a mesh material that ensures breathability. But you have to check is this breathability is perfect for summertime. Because on the hot summer day, it is tough to concentrate on shooting when you are in shooting term.

    So your vest has to ensure air circulation that helps to keep you cool and sweat free in the hot temperature. Polyester and cotton material is the best material for shooting vest. You have to check which one will work for you as waterproof, comfortable when you are on hunting in hot summer day or in a rainy day.

# Best Shooting Vest: How We Tested

After picking the perfect vest you have to test whether it is perfect or not. The ways are:

  • Do really it feels comfortable when you are in shooting? Because if you are not comfortable when you are in shooting time then your hunting will not be good enough. You will be suffocated if you will not feel comfortable.
  • Is the vest keeps you safe when you are in shooting term? You may feel pain in the shoulder while shooting the rifle, so you have to pick the padded vest that will keep your shoulder pain free. You have to make sure about this.
  • From what material the vest comes from? The vest material has to be high in quality. Because it makes the wearer comfortable. If the material is not good then your wear will be uncomfortable.

2018’s Reviews Of The Best Shooting Vest:

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is the vest that ensures you comfort during the summer hunting days. You will be comfortable even on the hot day.

To enjoy every outdoor activity with ease Mright Mens Pockets Jacket Outdoors Travels Sports Vest Tops is the best one. You will love this vest.​

​If you want a vest that will support you in sports and hunting both then Rothco Uncle Milty Vest – Khaki is for you. You can use it with comfort.

To look smart and simple in a shooting vest you have to try Men's 9 Pockets Work Utility Vest Military Photo Safari Travel Vest. It is the really simple vest.​

YAKEDA Tactical CS Field Vest Outdoor Ultra-light Breathable Combat Training Vest is the breathable and comfortable vest that you can name.

Browning Trapper Creek Vest is the stylish, long lasting and handy shooting vest you will get.

If you want a rough and tough shooting vest then Gamehide Switchgrass Upland Field Bird Hunting Vest is the best one.

For warm and comfortable use Ultra Force Black Ranger Vests is the best one to use. You will not regret.

Beretta Men's Two-Tone Clay Shooting Vest is a leather made the vest that makes the hunting perfect and comfortable.

Lastly, if you want a unique design shooting vest then you have to pick Legendary Whitetails Men's Canvas Cross Trail Concealed Carry Vest.​

#1. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest:

If you want a vest that will provide you comfortable feeling even on the hot summer day then consider UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest. This vest has nylon mesh that will allow the warmth and humidity of your body adjust in the air. The zippers are high in quality and keep the vest tight and close to your body.

There are straps that are adjustable and helps you to change the length of the vest. There is pistol belt with pouches and many adjustable accessories that help to carry equipments while going for shooting.

The pistol holder is a cross draw and you can place it in different positions. You add a place to keep a double magazine for your pistol.

Product Features:

  • The pouches are rifle mag and adjustable. It comes in 4 number.
  • There are 2 large pouches inside the vest zipper.
  • To carry heavy gears there is heavy duty loop system on the back.
  • In length and width, you can adjust the bag fully.
  • There is a rescue pull in this vest that is durable in the feature.
  • This vest will help to release heat and moisture.
  • The zippers are high in quality.
Things We Liked
  • Cool shooting vest
  • Good quality materials
  • Superb adjustable for size
Things We Didn't Like
  • Sometimes the zipper gets broken after frequent use

#2. Mright Mens Pockets Jacket Outdoors Travels Sports Vest Tops:

This vest is best for outdoor activities like fishing, photography and walking. The material of this vest is denim made and it makes the vest breathable and comfortable. There are several pockets that come handy to carry many things when you are traveling.

​The vests are full of multi-pockets. The look of this vest is standard and the sleeveless design makes it smart and cool. You will be comfortable wearing this vest anywhere you want.

Product Features:

  • The fabric of the vest is Denim material.
  • This vest comes in two style- thick and thin. You can choose any style you want.
  • There are multi-functional pockets that give a beautiful design.
Things We Liked
  • Best as everyday wear
  • Good in quality
  • Great fit
  • The design is useful
Things We Didn't Like
  • The vest has no zipper
  • Not fit every size

#3. Rothco Uncle Milty Travel Vest – Khaki:

If you want a vest that will work for you as sports gear and also outdoor vest then try this Rothco vest. You will get a quality vest for all types of outdoor activities. You can keep this vest in the body in hunting zone or Any kinds of outdoor activities like – walking or fishing with ease. The look of this vest smart and simple. It is long lasting and can endure any rough situation. You will be comfortable with this vest.

Product Features:

  • Polyester made a vest.
  • The quality of this vest is very impressive. You can get assured of the long-lasting vest.
  • Rough and tough vest.
  • Ensures the highest comfortability.
Things We Liked
  • High in the quality vest
  • Has lots of useful pockets
  • Light Vest
  • Comfortable to wear
Things We Didn't Like
  • The zipper is cheap in quality

#4. Men's 9 Pockets Work Utility Vest, Military Photo Safari Travel Vest:

If you are looking for a simple vest for outdoor activities then consider men's 9 pockets work utility vest military photo safari travel vest. This vest is polyester made and makes the vest light in weight.

There are different pockets in the vest and you can use it for multipurpose.

This vest can be used for fishing and for travel. All the pockets have a zipper. This vest is highly recommended for light and simple use.

Product Features:

  • The fabric of the vest is polyester made.
  • Light in weight and has Multi-pockets to use.
  • It is not for winter use but perfect as a fishing vest and travel vest.
  • There are zippers in the pocket.
  • It is for men’s use.
Things We Liked
  • Well made
  • Good in quality
  • Smart design
  • Light in weight
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not for all size
  • Zippers are not strong

#5. YAKEDA Tactical CS Field Vest Outdoor Ultra-light Breathable Combat Training Vest:

This tactical vest is nylon mesh made and it has accessories that are adjustable. You will find the vest warm, breathable and comfortable. Even in humid condition, this vest will give you a warm feeling. Anybody's size can fit this vest well, all you have to do is adjust the belt and the straps perfectly.

There are many kinds of attachable accessories you will find with this vest. For the right-hand shooter who uses a rifle, you will find a rubber padding recoil. There is also a removable draw pouch in the vest. Also, there are different pouches in this vest that helps to carry any equipment you want especially for storing magazines.​

Product Features:

  • Adjustable vest for any size for the straps and belts.
  • In the left side of the vest, there is a pistol holster. Also, there are 3 mag pouches that can be adjusted to any length.
  • In the right side of the vest, there are 3 ammo pouches, a large pouch to carry shell and a shooting pad.
  • The vest has velco strips which are long and adjustable. There are also attachable mental D ring.
  • This vest is mesh and works as a hydration bladder. There is a handle for carrying with strips across the back.
  • The fabric of the vest is nylon mesh and it allows air ventilation. There is a zipper to close the vest strongly. There is a pistol belt in the bottom loop.
  • Inside the vest, there are two zip-up pockets to keep document safe.
Things We Liked
  • Good fit vest
  • Well built
  • Light in weight
Things We Didn't Like
  • Sometimes it gets hard to adjust the shoulder strap

#6. Browning Trapper Creek Vest:

If you are in search of a stylish, long lasting and useful shooting vest then you have to use the Browning trapper creek vest. It is well-known shooting vest. This vest is just a perfect fit for all size.

You can wear this vest in any season like the warm and cold weather. In the hot summer days you can wear it for a casual wear and in the cold weather, you can wear it with warm clothes.

It is light in weight, you know, with a heavy vest it is hard to concentrate on the shooting. This vest has shell pockets where you can put shooting gear and empty shells.

These pockets are open and large, you can keep anything you want. The fabric of the vest poly mesh and it makes it breathable. So you will stay cool on warm summer days. You can use the vest as sports vest and also a hunting vest.

Product Features:

  • The shooting vest is poly mesh.
  • The fabric makes the vest breathable.
  • There are 4 large shell pockets to keep things easy.
  • Great for trap shooting, skeet shooting, and sporting clays.
Things We Liked
  • The vest fits great
  • Reasonable in price
  • Quality vest
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is not cushioned vest

#7. Gamehide Switchgrass Upland Field Bird Hunting Vest:

If you want a high quality hunting vest then try this upland vest. You will get a tough and long lasting hunting vest that you will ever use. This vest has pockets with a zipper that allows keeping things like shells and many necessary things. You can keep up to 16 elastic shells in the pocket.

Don’t worry about your clothes, the cloth will stay intact and free from damage when you are in the hunting mood. The shoulder has an orange patch that increases the safety while hunting in the field.

Product Features:

  • You will find the vest oversized. It fits one size larger. You can wear it over a jacket.
  • The vest comes with gun protector fabric with the shell holder.
  • The shoulders are quilted that adds comfort while shooting.
  • Front shell holders with fabric gun protector.
  • The fabric is cotton made and durable. You will find the stitching quality.
  • This vest has pockets that are large and zippered. You can keep shells in the pocket.
Things We Liked
  • Nice vest
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made of quality material
  • Well made
Things We Didn't Like
  • The zipper is not strong enough to give support

#8. Rothco Ultra Force Black Ranger Vests:

If you want a comfortable vest then do consider to take this ultra force black ranger vest. It is warm and comfortable. This vest has eight pockets with a hood collar and it stays zippered.

The vest is polyester made. You will find this vest with full of loops. The hood is zippered. The vest looks smart and simple. You can move easily with this sleeveless jacket.

Product Features:

  • The fabric is polyester made.
  • There is eight hook in the front.
  • Pockets have a zipper on the front.
  • The game bag is rear and the closure is loop and hook.
  • There are shell loops in the vest.
  • The hood is with collar and zipper.
Things We Liked
  • Stylish in look
  • Light in weight
  • Different useful multifunctional pockets
Things We Didn't Like
  • The size is not fit for every

#9. Beretta Men's Two-Tone Clay Shooting Vest:

If you want to stay comfortable and tense free in shooting time then you have to use Beretta Men's Two-Tone Clay Shooting Vest. The vest is made from genuine leather and the mesh of the fabric is functional.

This vest has elastic pockets for the shell, the waist tab is adjustable and there is also a pocket to keep shooting glasses. When the weather is moist or hot then shooting is really hard.

​You may feel suffocated or feel cold in the rain but when you are wearing this vest then you will be in comfort and that is 100% sure.

Because the vest is made from 100% cotton. So you can imagine the breathability and the fabric are super for summer time. The pockets are big and spacious. There is shell pockets are adjustable and wide.

You can also put the shooting glass in the pocket. There is recoil pad that is removable and it protects the shoulder.

Product Features:

  • 100% Cotton made shooting vest.
  • There is a pocket for shooting glasses.
  • In this vest, there is Gel-Tek Recoil Pad that is removable.
  • For easy movement, there are shoulder slits.
  • There is patch for gun rest that is skid-free.
  • The shell pocket is expanding and leather trim.
Things We Liked
  • Excellent in quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great shooting vest
Things We Didn't Like
  • The gel tek is not cushioned

#10. Legendary Whitetails Men's Canvas Cross Trail Concealed Carry Vest:

Lastly, if you want a heavy duty vest then you have to look at this vest. It is unique in design and made from 100% cotton. This cotton is heavy duty fabric and can be washed softly.

This vest has insulated lining that is warm. There are two pockets on the chest side that carries semi-auto handguns.

The zipper is high in quality and made from buck metal.

Product Features:

  • The cotton canvas is soft washable and provides heavy duty.
  • There is carry pockets that can be concealed with Left and right hand.
  • The linings are a diamond pattern and comfortable.
  • You will find the zipper heavy duty and buck metal made.
  • The shoulder area is reinforced and the handgun can be kept easily.
  • You can carry an extra magazine in the two extra pockets.
Things We Liked
  • Comfortable and great vest
  • Warm Vest
  • The pockets are spacious
  • Tough in the feature
Things We Didn't Like
  • It would be better if the pockets were little large in space

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#Q1. Is shooting vest with recoil pad is important?

Ans: Definitely yes. Because this pad helps to keep your shoulder pain free and comfortable when you will shoot with a rifle.

#Q2. Is there any benefactor in left-handed shooting vest?

Ans: Yes, the left-handed person can easily make the use of perfection.​

#Q3. Is shooting vest and trap shooting vest is same?

Ans: Yes, they are the same thing to use and wear while in hunting.​

Final Wo​rds:

Hunting and shooting are like an adventure for many. You will not believe how the shooting lovers spend their times in it. But it is also important to keep a focus on the safety. Shooting Vest is a must-have equipment for every shooter. This vest ensures security and keeps you safe from any pain caused by the shooting time.

So it is obvious that you have to use the best shooting vest. But it is tough to choose one. If you are new to purchasing the vest then you have to go through some trap shooting vest reviews. This will help you to pick the one you really need. With this vest, your hunting will be a good one. So with the browning shooting vest enjoy every moment of your hunting time.

If you want comfort during the summer hunting days, then this is for you:
UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

To enjoy every outdoor activity with ease, Take this one instead: 
Mright Mens Pockets Jacket Outdoors Travels Sports Vest Tops

If you want a vest that will support you in sports and hunting both then pick this one:
Rothco Uncle Milty Vest – Khaki

Do you want to look smart and simple in a shooting vest? Then get this: 
Men's 9 Pockets Work Utility Vest Military Photo Safari Travel Vest

Have a nice purchase!

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