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16 Best Upland Hunting Vest(Exclusive) Review & Guides (2018-19)

Your choice of hunting gear can be the difference between a successful hunt, and a disappointing one. As a deer hunter, convenience features matter more than anything else. You see, tracking, hiding and placing a shot all need a decent level of comfort, for efficiency and accuracy.

It is not strange to hear a hunter wannabe grumbling how crafty the game is. Yes, they have everything, optics, gun, ammo, but are missing something. Good hunting skills demand a high level of concentration. You are dealing with the experienced game, and it is critical to be at your best.

In the following review, we look at some of the best upland hunting vests to choose from and contribute to your success out there in the hunting grounds.

Best Selection 

Wolverine Men's Upland Sherpa Lined Vest

The 100% cotton material is by far one of the stylish hunting vests you will find anywhere. The enzyme-washed fabric is quite an appealing men’s Sherpa vest that you can wear on every occasion.

For example, this is a vest that you can wear to your friend’s party any day. It is also the kind that you can show up with at your place of work, clad in, during the casual days, and fit pretty well.


Wolverine Men's Upland Sherpa Lined Vest has a polyester lining and thus comfortable on the skin. As a hunting vest, it does not inhibit your shooting in a way, since it fits on your body well.

The zipper closure ensures it hugs your body sufficiently, making sure it does not move when placing a critical shot. The wolverine upland vest is a quiet fabric, adding to your stealth as you track the animal.

And provided that it is a cotton fabric, the vest is quite warm and will come in handy especially during those chilly mornings that you have to go hunting to catch the game as it is heading out of its hiding.

Unfortunately, the Sherpa lined vest men’s has several weaknesses that include lack of sufficient pockets to put the shells in. Therefore, you’ll need an extra bag to carry the ammo and other equipment like binoculars.

The vest does not have the orange color that characterizes other upland vests. It may, therefore, be quite difficult for other hunters to spot you in the thicket, laying still.

Regardless, this is an excellent vest for those people looking for a fashionable, comfortable, and versatile vest. The kind that you can use in hunting, and still wear it when going camping, hiking or another outdoor event.

Second Best Selection

GameHide Upland Vest 

GameHide Upland Vest is yet another dedicated hunting vest that you can use for hunting squirrels and other upland game. But what makes the vest ideal for hunting?  

Well, Gamehide vest has patches of bright orange color that other hunters will notice from afar. You will, therefore, not need to worry about your safety.

And if you are the type of person that believes that camouflage is necessary, the vest is not wholly orange. A significant portion of the front side is dark brown.

It features two front pockets that you can conveniently put your hunting stuff like ammo. They are sizeable enough to fit a box of shells. However, the pockets do not have shell loops.

There’s a blood proof bag at the back, and you will not need to worry too much about having indelible marks on it. It also means that you will carry the birds easily without so much hassle of finding more storage.

The zippered game pouch is one feature you’ll not get from other vests on the market.

The vest is lightweight and comfortable and will not get in your way as you ready yourself for the shot. It has a durable canvas section that ensures extra durability.

It is a bag that you are going to use for some time hunting. However, you may need to wear it over a jacket or sweater to fit well. It may feel a bit baggy.

However ...

Some of the shortcomings include lack of shell loops for more convenience – the kind of features, astute pheasant hunters find useful. You will also need to be careful with the zipper, or you will be having a vest minus the zipper.

3rd Best Selection

Mountain Pass Extreme Big Game Blaze Orange Camo Hunting Vest 

The vest is for those after dedicated hunting vests with the right features to make for success hunting expeditions. Typically it features a front side zipper for easier on and off wear. You will not waste precious time trying to figure out how to put it on.

You will find a sizeable kangaroo pocket for tour ammo – quite convenient if you may ask. The front side pocket has shell loops, even making Gamehide mountain pass vest a better product than most.

But this is not the only pocket for the shells. You will also find vertical shell pockets on either side for added convenience – you longer have to complain of not enough ammo for a day long hunt. 

Here's the deal:

There’s a large cargo pouch at the back for additional storage. The vest also has straps for hauling the necessary clothing you will need when hunting, and other essential features.

You will find a grommeted license holder to ensure you bring along the papers to avoid problems with the authorities.

The vest is orange in color which helps in ensuring your safety. You are visible from afar, and chances of anyone mistaking you for an animal in the thicket are minimal.

It is windproof for when scouting the highlands and there’s a cell phone pocket on every side – another convenient feature.

For comfort, there are shoulder patches to make gun carrying easy. There are also two water bottle pouches at the back to ensure you have enough water to last you through the entire hunt.

It is not noisy, and if you are careful enough, you will crawl right to the buck and snap it in an instant. However, you may need to be cautious with the zippers – extra careful.

4th Best Selection

Tenzing BV16 Upland Vest 

Tenzing BV16 Upland Vest is one vest with everything you’d need while on the hunt. But what is this that makes the vest ideal for hunting?

For starters, the Tenzing upland vest features a total of 13 pockets for more natural organization of all your hunting accessories.

That's not all...

There’s also a bungee compartment, that is expandable, as well as, a water compartment for enough water to keep you hydrated. To put it just, the vest has the space for a few birds or squirrels.

And to ensure that you are never short of shells, the vest has up to 14 shell loops – some game may be quite elusive, and running out of cartridges is not difficult.

Pheasant or other bird hunting requires at least two people: one to flush them out uphill and the other to shoot them down as they flee. Well, the vest has two radio pockets, a feature that makes it possible to have communication gadgets for easier communication.

The comfort features include load lifter straps to adjust the load adequately. The straps also help in the distribution of the weight. The meshed inside parts provide for sufficient breathability – what is the use of having a vest if it is not comfortable?

It features a durable coated material that does not soak up any water. The vest will, therefore, provide adequate water resistance to keep your stuff dry. It is blaze orange-style for safety – you can never be too careful out there in the woods.

Among the shortcomings include the inability for straps to hold when hiking, after a period of use. They start to slide now and then, and which can be pretty annoying. There is heavy foam at the back which can feel quite bulky for some people.

5th Best Selection

Browning Bird'n Lite Strap Vest 

Browning Bird'n Lite Strap Vest is for the bird hunters out there that need a great vest to make their hunting convenient and comfortable. For convenient storage of the shells, the vest features several pockets with shell loops.

And keep you hydrated, the bird hunting vest has pockets, large enough for two bottles of water – hunting can make you thirsty.

There are numerous pockets for carrying all your items quickly. You don’t need to hassle so much carrying an extra bag. And the big bird pocket is one feature that avid hunters adore – you will, too.

Some of the comforts features you’ll find include the blaze padding. Upland hunting strap vest is lightweight and does not weigh you down in any way. The vest is a snug fit, and you may not feel as if you are carrying anything. It is what you have been looking for all along.

What's the best part?

If you are in warm weather, the vest will not feel any uncomfortable. It is a real joy to have out there in the field.

The ample blaze orange provides peace of mind while hunting. There’s a waist strap that distributes the weight your waist. You don’t need to struggle with heavy loads on your shoulder – quite thoughtful.

However, the vest does not have enough blaze orange recommended for deer hunting. The vest may also leak blood to your clothing, and you will need to be careful. Even, the padded shoulder straps may sometimes get in the way of a successful mount.

6th Best Selection

GameHide Pheasant Vest

GameHide comes back with another excellent hunting vest that you can rely on. Among the several features, the vest boast includes quilted shoulders for protection and comfort when using your weapon.

The GameHide Pheasant Vest comes with convenient zip storage pockets for your hunting equipment.

And to make sure you don’t run out of bullets, you will find closed shell loops. There are also blood-proof game bags with easy front loading and backloading. The vest is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

It is durable with canvas material and heavy-duty material. The vest will quickly take a significant amount of abuse, and still stay in perfect condition for a long time.

There’s blaze orange at the back and shoulders for safety – an important feature to alert other hunters. Gamehide pheasant vest is quite flexible and will not inhibit your movement in any particular manner.

The vest fits well over a jacket, and so you will not need to worry about the early morning chills getting to you. It is water resistant to protect your items in the pockets.

The vest is versatile, and you can use it in any other outdoor activity such as hiking and camping – heck, it is a useful clothing item to have in the house.

It does not have a mesh material and so may not be ideal for warm weather areas. The vest may be a bit warm. Other vests in the market have more convenient features, but GameHide Pheasant Vest is quite okay if you are only after a decent hunting vest, with just enough features.

7th Best Selection

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Upland Game Vest X

There are not many upland hunting vests out there that can match the quality and convenience of ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Upland Game Vest X. The vest features extra-thin shoulder straps to ensure you achieve accurate shooting – they don’t get in the way of mounting.

The upland hunting vest features an attractive design that the other hunters will envy. Everything is where it should be – quite exciting.

Upland vests have two large front pockets that easily fit an entire box of shells. The waist belt construction and lightweight vented back it comfortable to wear and carry for long distances – you may not even notice there are pheasants at the back.

There are side and front straps to adjust the vest for a good fit easily. These straps make it easy for you to carry the game bag full of pheasants.

You will find some hydration bladder on the back for your water bottles. Typically, Upland game vest can carry sufficient water for you and the dog as you spend the whole afternoon hunting pheasants.

It is quiet and will not be responsible for your lack of success in the field – blame it on anything else like your loud hasty steps.

The shortcomings of the vest that you will find in most Upland game vest reviews include the shell pockets. They need to be a bit bigger to carry the boxes of shells without falling off when you bend to pick something on the ground.

It has a sufficient amount of blaze orange for your safety. The vest is a padded back for additional comfort and boats a robust construction for an extended period of use.

Possible shortcomings include the fact that the vest may become uncomfortable in warm weather. It may cause some amount of sweating.

8th Best Selection

Browning Pheasants Forever Strap Vest is one stylish cotton canvas hunting vest that you will be proud of having. The khaki material makes the vest quite durable.

Upland strap vest will be your ideal companion out there in the hunting fields for a long time. But that’s not the only rugged feature, the buckles and traps are heavy-duty.

Another great feature to applaud is the shell loops, located at the front side for convenience. It means that all you need is position yourself appropriately and the shots. The shells are there waiting for you.

It boasts a sufficient amount of blaze to protect you from the others – safety comes first, don’t you agree? The vest has deep pockets for efficient storage of shells.

The vest has thin shoulder straps that will not stand in the way of that perfect rifle mounting. Its lightweight feature ensures natural movement from one place to the other. In other words, you can run with the vest and feel like you are wearing just a t-shirt.

Some of the comparable vests are difficult to use in hot weather, but it is a different story with this vest. It is an all-weather vest and will not leave you sweaty and uncomfortable after chasing the pheasants around, all afternoon.

The orange may not be sufficient in some of the states. You will need additional orange, like a cap to meet some of the requirements in some states. Otherwise, the vest is an excellent acquisition for any pheasant hunter out there.


The cotton canvas may not be sufficiently water resistant. It can let in some water, making your items wet. Ideally, you should avoid going out for the hunt when the weather is not favorable.

9th Best Selection

Browning Upland Vest 

Browning Upland Vest is 100% cotton canvas making it pretty rugged for the outdoors that is the hunting grounds. One thing about the hunting grounds where the grouse and pheasants call home is that they have a lot of grass, and there is a significant amount of abrasion. However, the vest will overcome any resistance and still keep in great shape.

The two front pockets are sufficiently deep to fit a full box of shells. There’s a pocket expander system that in the shell pockets are making it possible for you to store more rounds as you head out to where the pheasants are hiding. It boasts water bottle holders that help keep hydrated at all times.

The Browning upland vest is wind resistant and will provide the necessary shelter against the ravages of the dry uphill wind. You know the squirrels can take you anywhere as they flee.

The shoulder patches sold separately provide sufficient comfort as you use you use your rifle. It is also a breathable material which is quite helpful especially in warm weathers.

The vest has a right amount of orange to keep you visible and to protect you. It is also sizeable enough to wear it on top of a jacket, when necessary.


It might feel a bit heavy for some people. Furthermore, sizing may be a challenge for anyone – you may get a bigger size vest. The hassle of returning the item may be inconveniencing and tiresome.

It may not also be ideal for hot weather as the fabric may leave you toasty, especially when you are moving a lot.

10th Best Selection

Orvis Waxed-Cotton Strap Vest, Dark Khaki

One characteristic feature of this vest is the sizeable front pockets that comfortably fit a full box of shells. Typically, this is more significant storage than most and will comfortably fit binoculars of the other optics you need to scout the grouse.

It has several pockets for easier organization. You will bring all the necessary stuff to the hunting grounds. There’s space for radio and phone to keep in touch with the others.

And to ensure comfort and fitting, the vest has a waist buckle strap. There’s also another strap at the breast for effective weight distribution. It comes with a meshed back for sufficient breathability.


The warm weather can make the hunting difficult with an uncomfortable vest.

Orvis strap vest features sturdy and thin shoulder straps for easier gun mounting. The straps will not get in the way. A certain amount of water resistance is necessary to ensure protection for your equipment.

The vest features waxed straps and fabric to provide a certain amount of water resistance. However, it may not be the best for the chilly morning; unless you also wear a jacket.

Visibility to the other hunters is a critical element that a hunting vest should never be without. However, this vest does not have the characteristic orange color for visibility and may not pass in some of the states that require a certain amount of orange as a safety requirement.

It is also not the best for hunting squirrels. There is a limitation on this.

11th Best Selection

Orvis Men's Pro Series Hunting Vest

As one of the best-designed hunting vests, Orvis Men's Pro Series Hunting Vest is, therefore, an ideal selection for you. It is tall for the tall stature people but also adjustable if you are short instead. For comfort, there are straps on the chest and on the waist to limit movement, especially when making a shot.

The shoulder straps are wide enough for comfort. They are also thin to ensure uninterrupted rifle mounts. It should not come in the way.

The vest has sizeable side pockets for adequate storage for your stuff. The pockets will easily fit a whole box of shells making sure you have enough ammo for the hunt. You will also find water bottle pockets on every side so that you have enough water for yourself and the dog.

The game bag can fit several pheasants, and you don’t need to bring more storage – quite convenient. The meshed back is a source of sufficient breathability and keeps you cool as you hunt. There’s nothing else at the back apart from the meshed material, allowing optimal air circulation.

You can wear the vest on top of a warm jacket if necessary, especially when it’s chilly – a good thing. It is sturdy material, straps and buckles making sure it gives you a decent amount of service.

The best part:

The vest is lightweight and features an easy put on and off. It is a vest that is a pure joy to have.

The attractive design adds a certain level of versatility to it. That means you can use it in hiking and camping.

For protection, there is a bit of orange in the front pockets and straps. However, this is not sufficient in some states, especially those that require more orange.

12th Best Selection

ALPS OutdoorZ Dove Belt

The versatility in ALPS OutdoorZ Dove Belt is something to make your peers envious. In other words, you can use the belt for hunting pheasants or squirrels, go hiking with it or be an ideal camping accessory.

The Upland game belt attaches to the belt, and so all your weight is not on the shoulders, but instead, on the waist, giving you optimal flexibility. It frees your hands so that you can use the rifle sufficiently. No padded shoulder straps to inhibit your mount.

The belt has several detachable pockets that you can also adjust as per the preference. They are, therefore, easy to clean and keep them in excellent condition. These may pocket provide sufficient storage for all your hunting items, and you may not need to bring an extra bag or vest.

The pockets boast a magnet closure system for easy and efficient access. You will not need to waste any time accessing the shells. You flip, pick, and reload – how easier than this could it get?

The belt features a game bag for the pheasants and squirrels. There’s also a water bottle pocket to keep you hydrated as you run from one place to the other looking for the pheasants – a functional feature. As mentioned, the hunting grounds have a way of making us thirsty – maybe it’s just the outdoors or the involving tasks.

But here's the kicker:

Weighing at only 2lbs, the belt is lightweight. It is sturdy material and gives you a decent amount of service. It is a bag that you will use for a very long time.

However, the game bag may not have sufficient space for the game. May fit one or two squirrels or pheasants, but then again, this may be enough for some people.

13th Best Selection

Browning Upland Jacket

If you are colder regions or going on a hunt during one of the chilly nights or mornings, then you may be good with Browning Upland Jacket. The field tan jacket covers your entire body efficiently. It also has almost all the features you’d expect in a hunting jacket.

The Browning Upland Jacket has a significant side pocket that comfortably fit a box of shells or even binoculars. The pockets are adequately sizeable to fit your electronics such as a radio and cell phone.

You will also find a game pouch at the back, blood proof and which opens from the top. The game bag is easy to clean.

The jacket features a blaze orange top section for your protection. It is sturdy material and will go for a long time serving as your best hunting companion. The jacket is abrasion resistant and will take any abuse that characterizes the hunting grounds.

Well, it might not be the ideal for specific activities, but you can still use as a camping jacket. However, it may be too warm as a hiking jacket.

Unfortunately, the hunting jacket may only be good for cooler hunting areas, where it doesn’t get too hot. It can be very uncomfortable in warmer regions and can leave you toasty. The non-detachable sleeves do not make the situation any better.

It does not also have sufficient orange required in some states like Pennsylvania and need other items like an orange cap. The sizing may also be a little off, running larger than would be comfortable for you.

14th Best Selection

Browning Mens Safety Vest Polyester

When safety on the hunting grounds is your primary concern, then your choice of hunting vest must be decently conspicuous. Well, Browning Mens Safety Vest Polyester is a blaze orange hunting vest that your fellow hunters will see from several miles off.

It is a jacket that will provide the necessary safety you need, and you can concentrate on the squirrels.

The vest is polyester oxford and hence rugged and durable. The browning safety vest is a vest that you can comfortably bring to the tough hunting grounds and not worry that a branch will do some damage to the fabric. Furthermore, you can easily crawl without a worry.

It has a zipper closure that ensures a comfortable fit. The vest is comfortable to wear and does not require much regarding knowledge to wear. It is also big enough to wear on your jacket or sweater on those chilly mornings that you need extra protection. Weather in the wild can be unpredictable.

Want to know the best part?

It is water resistant material meaning that you will not have to worry so much about the drizzles that show up in the middle of the hunt and will not need to call the chase off just yet. The vest has sizeable side pockets that will comfortably fit a squirrel. Well, you can squeeze a pheasant, but it’s still a long shot.

The vest is lightweight, and comfortable not to prove a burden for you. You need ease of movement when hunting, and Browning Mens Safety Vest Polyester will gladly provide it.

However, the vest does not have inside pockets for your electronics and may need to find additional storage. A jacket with numerous pockets is also necessary to ensure better storage of hunting equipment such as the shells.  You may need to bring an extra bag for this purpose.

15th Best Selection

Buck's Bags Ultimate Upland Vest

The improved design hunting vest may be one of the ideal pieces for successful hunting. Buck's Bags Ultimate Upland Vest has all the features any avid bird hunter will love.

Specifically, the hunting vest is sturdy and robust material to go for a very long time. It is abrasion resistant to overcome the constant use in grassy areas where you must crouch as you track the game.

The burr-free mesh provides adequate ventilation as you hunt. You will not have to deal with those toasty situations that you would typically get from other Upland vests.

The ultimate upland vest is lightweight and comfortable that you will love working with it. For additional comfort and better fit, the vest comes with adjustable straps and waist belt. You will never have to deal with a baggy fit that affects your movement and the use of the rifle.

Another convenient feature that you may love is the integrated hydration system that keeps you hydrated at all times. As a budding hunter, you will discover that thirst is among the few factors that will affect your concentration, and eventually, your success.

That's not all...

The shoulder straps are not only sturdy but also thin not to get in the way of gun use. That means your gun mounting will be flawless. The game bag is large enough for a few pheasants, and the adjustable straps make you feel as if you are carrying nothing.

You will need an additional orange to fulfill the hunting requirements in some of the states.

16th Best Selection

Hellfire Orange Big Game Vest

For pros and beginners alike, looking for a sturdy and straightforward design hunting vest, then Hellfire Orange Big Game Vest is among the ideal. Specifically, the vest is 600 denier and will readily take any abuse associated with hunting.

Blaze orange molle vest is lightweight and quiet. It will efficiently contribute to your stealth in the field, and you may surprise yourself how close you move towards the game.

And while the vets may not have a game bag or pouches, it has featured a full MOLLE that you can use to attach the number of pouches you need. That means you can choose to add a game bag or side pockets for convenient storage.

The vest features a decent amount of blaze orange for protection and fulfills most hunting requirements. It is fully adjustable, and you only need to vary the straps vertically and horizontally to fit it.

But there's a catch.

There’s also a removable utility belt that you can use to fit the vest for more comfort and convenience.

It is burr and water resistant, the kind of features you want in a vest. You will not have to worry about getting wet when light drizzles start while you are in the field.

Hellfire Orange Big Game Vest has a breathable inside liner to ensure you don’t get too hot and sweaty for the successful hunt. The material allows free flow of air for sufficient comfort – no more of those toasty situations.

Among the shortcomings include the fact that the vest does not have pockets. You will need to purchase MOLLE pouches separately, which is an additional expense.

What to Look For When Choosing an Upland Hunting Vest 

Color: Well, novice hunters may think that a critical component for being a successful upland hunter is camouflage. Well, camouflage is a good thing, and it helps, but that should not make you fussy about the color.

Typically, deer and other upland game do not have good eyesight. As a result, remaining inconspicuous should not be all about the vest color. The important thing is to watch your movement and positioning.

The deer may not have good eyesight, but their smell and hearing are pretty decent. They smell you out in an instant if you are not careful. Watch the wind direction and always remain downwind.

Ideally, a conspicuous vest is the best thing for you when out there. You see, you need to be visible to your fellow hunters. Don’t be too over-reliant on their goodwill and sense. You need to announce your position, and nothing does that better than the orange color.

However, if you are in a not-so-crowded hunting field, you may feel the need to have a more camouflage vest to be more inconspicuous. In that case, it boils down to personal preference. But keep in mind that your safety comes ahead of anything.

Material: The fact that you are outdoors, where there’s a significant level of unpredictability regarding the weather, a good vest that offers excellent protection is ideal.

A decent upland hunting vest should be comfortable in hot weather since most of the hunting happens during summer. We are talking about something breathable and not too heavy for you.

In certain situations, a blend of polyester and cotton may offer excellent protection from the light rain, have a decent level of breathability and be lightweight.

Heavy-duty nylon and polyester fabric is water resistant and offers protection to your electronics in the inside pockets. You need these devices for navigation and to keep connected.

Regardless, the best upland hunting vest should have a sturdy material. It must have the capacity to take a beating, especially out there in the wild. A genuinely rugged vest will not mind if you are crawling, rolling or navigating the grasslands. It is tough and protects you adequately.

Many manufacturers may focus more on ruggedness than anything else, and it is okay. You see, the upland hunting environment is not a joke and render a poor quality material unusable within a short time.

No one buys a jacket to last a short time. We all need proper quality equipment, and ruggedness is at the top of the list.

One of the most overlooked feature when purchasing a hunting vest is silence. A decent jacket should have a material that doesn’t make too much noise.

As we said, the buck and other big game have heightened hearing, and any abnormal sound can alert them quickly, and the deer would flee, leaving there, alone, with nothing but your rifle, and a significant portion of frustration.

Pockets: The best upland hunting vest boasts good storage spaces for some of the equipment that you will be using in the hunting grounds. Typically, you will need pockets for the binoculars, ammo, and knife. The more the pockets, the more it is convenient as a hunting vest.

What does it mean?

It means that you don’t have to reach to far the ammo, and you know how critical stealth is in hunting. Well-placed pockets limit your movement and help you keep an eye on the game.

Budget: Like other hunting gear, there are various vests that you can choose from and vary when it comes to price, features, and durability. Some vests are more expensive than others based on a particularly good functionality or features.

However, you should make sure that the vest has the right features and shouldn’t be too expensive. Well, it’s excellent to boast a vest that has features, better than rest on the market, but shouldn’t you use the cash on something else? After all, you only need the vest for particular functions only, not to show off at an event.

Comfort: A comfortable vest is ideal and reduces the weight that you have to bear. Remember the outdoors, where civilization with its air-conditioned rooms and convenience stores where you can grab a refreshing beverage is miles away.

As a result, you should choose a vest that is sufficiently cool in hot weather and will protect you when it decides to rain.

As a hunter, you will be carrying your rifle on the shoulder. And while it might seem like a simple thing, since it may not be too heavy, it may prove unbearable over long distances.


The ideal vest should have adequate shoulder padding to prevent shoulder pains caused by carrying the rifle over long distances.

There’s also the issue of rifle recoils that can hurt your shoulder in the absence of adequate padding. It is also important that the jacket is well-fitting. It should be adjustable to ensure it fits well to restrict unnecessary movements that potentially distract you.

As mentioned earlier, concentration is critical, and a comfortable jacket helps achieve this goal.

Versatility: while it might not matter so much, having a vest that you can also use for other activities is not so bad. For example, a hunting vest that you can use for hunting, as well as, camping and hiking is not so bad.

The thing is, a versatile vest makes you save some cash that you would use purchasing another jacket for that other activity.

Upland Hunting Tips

  • Have a Good Bird Dog​

The majority of upland hunters venture into the upland bird hunting grounds without a guide dog. While there is no requirement to have to have one, a good bird dog helps you significantly, and you can achieve much success.

You see, a dog is better at tracking the game than you are, and will guide you to the birds you shoot.

It is often difficult

To track a bird after shooting it and may spend hours searching for it. However, a pointer or lab cuts this time significantly, making sure that you don’t lose your game.

Furthermore, a hunting dog helps flush out the game wherever it is hiding while you ready your shot.

  • Know How to Drive the Game

While having a pointer or lab helps with hunting the small game, you can still find success without them. That is if you can learn to drive the birds.

Typically, two people position themselves at the top of the ridge or hill and wait. One hunter then moves towards the ridge in a zigzag manner, flushing the birds and the other two hunters take aim and shoot.

The birds often in the cover of the thicket, retreating towards the hills and flying when they reach open ground. That is where one of the hunters should be waiting.

  • Hunt near Watering Holes 

One thing you can be sure of is that the animals must eventually go to a watering hole to quench their thirst. As a result, watering holes are some of the ideal locations for getting your game.

For example, pheasants will move closer to water sources when the weather hot. Therefore, always move towards the water sources such as rivers and streams, especially when hunting during hot weather.

  • Practice and Practice Some More 

No one starts as pro hunters; everybody starts somewhere. The ideal place to practice your tracking and shooting skills is private hunting grounds. Here, you can place as many shots as you want as you learn the necessary movement of the game.

Furthermore, such practice helps you get acquitted with your weapon. It can sometimes get gruesome in the actual hunting ground when you can’t place a good shot because you don’t know how to go about it.

Part of the hunting practice includes scouting. Typically, scouting before the actual hunting allows you to take note of the ideal places to hide, where most game is, their movement and their activities. Scouting will enable you to get acquitted with the environment before the actual hunting.

Final Word

The best upland hunting vest assists you on the hunt. It protects by making you visible to other hunters. The upland hunting vest has various pockets for convenient storage of your hunting equipment.

It is comfortable, breathable and with shoulder pads to protect your shoulder. A decent vest is a great accessory to have on the hunting grounds and plays a vital role in ensuring your success.

If you are looking for fashionable, comfortable, and versatile vest, then this one is for you:

Looking for a dedicated hunting vest?

Take this one instead: GameHide Upland Vest

Want a vest with everything you’d need while on the hunt?

If so, Pick the Tenzing BV16 Upland Vest

If you want one of the most stylish hunting vests on the market -

Have a nice purchase!

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