18 Best Hunting Vest (Ultimate Review & Buying Guide)

best hunting vest

For some of us, no outdoor activity is as fun-filled as hunting. The wait, the tension, reading the environment, and beating the senses and wit of the most seasoned of the game is satisfying. You see, wild game like the buck boast heightened senses, and outwitting them is no child’s play.

The equipment and other accessories you bring to the hunt can make or break the activity. Among them is a hunting vest. The best hunting vest provides the necessary camouflage, light protection and does more than ordinary clothing when it comes to hunting.

Best Selection 

Allen Blaze Orange Hun​ting/Safety Vest

The thing about the blaze orange vest is that it makes you conspicuous to other hunters when out there in the woods. It is not unusual to hear of hunting accidents especially when dealing with novices.


For safety reasons, you may need this vest and have a peace of mind when going after the buck.

The material is cheap polyester which ensures you are not overspending especially when you are just starting out on hunting. It is lightweight and comfortable, the kind of thing you want from a hunting vest.

The hunting vest orange is cheap and thin; just the right qualities to make savings while preparing for your first hunting expedition.

Polyester material is more comfortable to clean, and that comes in handy when dealing with the mess that comes with hunting.

Blood may spill on it, but you can quickly wipe it off, removing the scent that would affect your success. You know how bucks are; they can smell you from a distance. You need to be careful.

Polyester hunting vest is pretty quiet. It is not like the old-style nylon vests that make all kinds of strange noises as you move along. The vest fits well and is relatively sturdy to provide the necessary protection as a beginner hunter.

If you are interested in remaining inconspicuous, the vest does not stand in the way. You can wear it on top of your thoroughly camouflage jacket, and enjoy the best of both worlds: safety and inconspicuousness.

The simple design the vest boasts is a good thing for beginner hunters. You no longer need to stress over how you are going to wear it.


Some of the things that we don’t like regarding the vest include lack of pockets. The ideal hunting vest should come with various pockets to ensure there’s sufficient storage for your stuff.

You know how vital the pockets are; where do you keep your stuff?

There are some of the hunters that may feel that the bright orange color is too conspicuous for hunting.

Serious hunters want to blend in with the surroundings, out there in the wild so that there would be no reason to miss a shot.

Second Best Selection

Primos Gunhunter's Vest

If you are looking for a dedicated hunting vest, which has the right features you would love, then this vest might be your thing.

Primos Gunhunter's Vest features a license tag holder to ensure you don’t leave the papers behind. You know how crucial it is to be on the right side of the law.

The other features that you get from the vest include various pockets that you need for the hunt. For example, there’s an interior pocket for the cell phone or walkie-talkie, but this is not your ordinary jacket pocket.

It is water resistant and protects the device from any moisture.

There are two additional large interior pockets for keeping other hunting accessories. You need all the necessary stuff to ace that buck.

The bag has a PVC lining that keeps you dry when Mother Nature decides the day has had enough of the dry spell. It can comfortably fit above your excellent camouflage coat, and keep you visible to other hunters – apparently the best blaze orange hunting vest.

Other functional accessories include LED and compass – just what you need when you are out there, away from civilization, where there are no streets and street names to guide you.

And apart from keeping you organized, the hunting vest is comfortable. It is lightweight and will not weigh you down.

That's not all...

It also has two water bottle holders to keep you hydrated while you patiently wait for the game to cross your path.


The Primos Gunhunter's Vest may weigh you down by stuffing the pockets with all the things that you need.

It does not have straps to transfer the weight to the waist. Therefore, all the pressure will be on your already overburdened shoulders.

3rd Best Selection

HUMVEE Cotton Safari Vest with Extra Pockets

If you are the kind of person that likes having ammo and other equipment close by, as you go into the bush, then this vest is definitely for you. It comes with several sizeable pockets to keep your hunting stuff organized.

HUMVEE Cotton Safari Vest with Extra Pockets is a versatile jacket, ideal for a picnic, camping, and hiking in addition to hunting – it is the jack of all trades.

Here's the deal:

To keep your electronics dry, the safari vest men features nylon-lined pockets. That means your stuff will remain dry and working. The vest also has a sturdy zipper, D-Ring, and hooks, which all play a role in keeping your stuff organized.

The vest is 100% sturdy cotton, sturdy enough to overcome the toughest of conditions out there in the wild. It is abrasion resistant and will quickly overwhelm any stress associated with moving between the tall grass and vegetation.

It is breathable, and thus very comfortable. A score when it comes to comfort when on the hunt. It is versatile as you can use it for various outdoor activities such as photography, and hunting, camping, and fishing – it is the ideal hunting vest.

The vest carries an excellent camouflage combat green color, ideal for hunting and camping.​


While the 21 pockets are great for keeping your stuff organized, they may be a hindrance, unusually when full. You cannot thus make that perfect single shot to down the game. The vest, with its many pockets, is not lightweight.

There have been several complaints regarding the zipper breaking down, and the nylon pocket getting torn – not a good thing.

4th Best Selection

H2H Mens Fashion Casual Work Utility Hunting Travels Sports Vest with Multiple Pockets

It is one of the most stylish vests you will find on the market. The jacket is a blend of polyester and cotton for comfort and durability. It has a neck zip and other zip closures to ensure comfort.

And to make the organization more manageable, the vest has multiple pockets. You, therefore, have sufficient storage space for your stuff. For enhanced comfort, the vest is thin and lightweight. It is also breathable, thanks to the cotton material within it.

Hunting can be a bloody mess, and when it gets to the vest, it can attract harmful bacteria. However, this particular vest is easy to clean.

And what’s even better is that it dries swiftly. It is, therefore, ideal for all seasons – you can go hunting in any season you feel is appropriate for you.

It is a slim fit vest and will not get in the way of your ​shooting. It is also a multifunctional vest that you can wear for various outdoor activities such as camping, and fishing among others.


Many complain of inconsistent sizing meaning that you may not get the right one for you. It may also not be the most comfortable jacket out there, and that is not a good thing especially in hunting where you need all the flexibility you can get to succeed.

5th Best Selection

Under Armour Men's Blaze Antler Logo Hunting Vest

The vest is 100% polyester. It is, therefore, lightweight and durable; the right combination for a hunting vest. The Under Armour Hunting Vest has two sizeable front pockets where you can put the necessary ammunition for hunting.

The pockets are large enough to fit a pair of binoculars or other equipment you need.

It has a bright orange color that alerts other hunters in the vicinity for safety. It would be tragic if you were to get in the way of another hunter’s shooting range.

The ripstop fabric is not only lightweight but also abrasion resistant and quiet. That means you can move into a thicket and emerge with your vest intact.

What's the best part?

The material is smooth and will not produce any significant amount of noise to alert the animals of your presence.

You can wear the vest on top of a jacket if you need to, making it versatile. You can also use the vest for other functions such as camping and hiking – in places where visibility is essential.


The pockets have a velcro closure that may not be the most efficient and quiet. You may alert your target unintentionally when trying to open the pocket for the ammo, but that is only if you are too close.

The ammo bands are also not sufficiently tight to keep the ammo in place, and that may reduce your efficiency.

6th Best Selection

NC Star CHV2942TO NcStar, Hunting Vest/Blaze Orange & Tan

It is yet another stylish orange hunting vest with pockets​ to accompany you to the hunting grounds, and contribute to your success.

The jacket has an orange top and tan color for both visibility to other hunters and camouflage respectively – we can never be too careful when it comes to hunting.

The shoulders are fully adjustable to ensure you are comfortable. Hunting vest should be well fitting to ensure you are comfortable. It would affect your maneuverability if it were not.

Its shoulders have thin recoil pads to prevent bruising, and fatigue from carrying and using the rifle for extended periods. There are also side cinch straps to make the vest even more fitting.

And to ensure you don’t get wet when sudden showers happen, the camo hunting vest with the game bag polyester material. It is durable and lightweight, the way you would like your vest to be.

It has two front pockets, large enough for a box of shells. That means you will not need to fumble around for the bullets when the game comes in range. Quick reflexes are critical in hunting, and such front pockets enhance your reflexes.

And for increased convenience, the vest has elastic shell loops positioned on your breast. That makes access to the bullets easier, and you don’t need to change position important for stealth. 


The bag that the vest comes with is not big enough, and you would need more storage for your items. It is also not sufficiently durable and may rip after a period of use.

7th Best Selection

Gamehide Big Game Sneaker Vest

For some hunters, the look is an essential factor in making them more confident, and this vest is just the one to help achieve that.

Even though it is orange in color, the vest has one of those rugged prints that would make anyone feel all macho – a great way to puff yourself with confidence before jumping into the bush.

The big game hunting vest​ is orange in color, which enhances your visibility adequately. Chances of another hunter mistaking you for another passing buck are minimal – the benefit of visibility.

However, the combat-like print also helps in camouflage. It is important to blend in the surroundings if you are going to get any success with the hunt.

Even so, the vest is large enough, and so you can wear it on your camo jacket, further enhancing your stealth – it is crucial especially if you are a big game hunter.

Talking of stealth, the jacket is hush hide that is not only durable but also profoundly silent. The fabric is soft and lightweight, features that ensure your comfort. There are quilted shoulders, even to your convenience, and support.

And to accommodate your hunting rifle, the vest features magnum rifle loops and a sizeable pocket where you can put your ammunition. The pockets have shotgun shell loops and a pocket at the rear for additional storage.


The vest may not work for warm weather, and so may need to have lighter clothing. It has a mag lights pockets, which is an outdated design. Furthermore, all the pockets have velcro closures which are quite noisy.

8th Best Selection

Fly Fishing Photography Climbing Vest with 16 Pockets

The great looking vest is for those that want the macho look, blended with style. In other words, this is one appealing vest that you can comfortably wear even on other outdoor activities like hiking. Heck, you can also wear it for any other occasion.

As a hunting vest, it has a great color that provides for sufficient camouflage, and the rabbit won’t know what hit it. It is also comfortable to wear, which is a great thing when out there in the outdoors.

The balanced vest is soft to wear but sufficiently rugged to handle the abrasion that characterizes the outdoors adequately. The soft-padded shoulders ensure added comfort and protect your shoulders from hurting.

The polyester fabric is not only durable but also easy clean. A useful characteristic when it comes to a hunting vest. It is a quick dry material which ensures that you don’t have to wait for long to have your jacket for the afternoon hunt.

It has a breathable mesh back which keeps you cool especially when out there in the hot outdoors.

For a more natural organization, and to make sure you bring all your hunting gear, the vest features up to 16 pockets. You can carry the ammo, binoculars, and other equipment to make your hunting expedition a success.


There are no cinch side straps for a comfortable fit like some of the vests on the market. The vest may also come with sizing challenges, not a good thing for anyone, having to return and all that fuss.

9th Best Selection

Trail Crest Men's Blaze Orange Safety Deluxe Front Loader Vest

If you are looking for a nice fitting jacket, comfortable and with all features that you consider great for hunting, then the Trail Crest Men's Blaze Orange Safety Deluxe Front Loader Vest is definitely for you.

The vest is a blend of polyester and cotton, which makes it lightweight, durable, and breathable. It is a comfortable vest even when dealing with hot hunting weather.

A mesh lining ensures you are cool, no matter how far you walk into the wild and rugged terrain.

It is lightweight and comfortable, just the qualities you need on a great functional vest. The quilted shoulder protects your shoulder from bruising and adds to your hunting comfort. There’s also a shooter’s patch for more comfortable use of the weapon.

There’s also a blood proof and waterproof game bag for additional storage. And for even more room, the bag has side snaps and zipper – just what you have been looking for in a hunting vest.

It has multiple pockets for some of the hunting gear you need such as ammo. The vest also has numerous shell loops for secure storage.


The vest may not be one of most durable. It may wear within an extended period of use – not quite a good thing for someone who is looking for something which will last through hunting seasons. It is also a bit noisy for a hunting vest.

10th Best Selection

Dan's Hunting Gear Briar Proof Squirrel, Rabbit Hunting Vest

The good thing associated with the made in the USA products is that they are quality-full. Dan's Hunting Gear Briar Proof Squirrel, Rabbit Hunting Vest is a durable and cute looking vest that will stick around for several hunting expeditions.

It has a front-loading game bag for your hunting gear. But the squirrel hunting vest also comes with size-able pockets for quick access storage.

As a hunter, you don’t want anything that will slow you down. You need features to compliment you quick reflexes, developed over the years.

There is a double hand-warmer pocket for storage, and for keeping your hands warm. The high terrain in the wild can get windy, and cold. The pockets thus come in handy.

It is a nylon fabric vest, rugged and lightweight. It is the ideal vest for those nights you spend in the wild, tracking the buck. The brown color the vest comes in is excellent for camouflage and thus suitable for dealing with those small, and witty animals.

The rabbit hunting vest is also quite multi-functional and will fit for every occasion in the outdoors. It will make a great hiking, as well as, a camping vest.


The small game hunting vest may not be sufficiently conspicuous to ensure your safety out there in the hunting grounds. It does not have soft padding shoulders for bearing the rifle, but it is a comfortable vest.

11th Best Selection

Alipolo Vest Mens Summer Cotton Leisure Outdoor Plus Size Fish Vest

The great looking men’s vest is ideal for a variety of outdoors. Specifically, you can use it for camping, fishing, bird watching, and of course, hunting.

It has all the features that you can refer to as functional. For example, the vest boasts various pockets that make storage of your hunting items easy.

You don’t want your ammo and pen knife to be too far from you. There are size-able pockets for the binoculars and navigation equipment.

The vest helps achieve adequate stealth. The khaki color blends well with the grass, and other vegetation so that you can get as close as possible to get a clean shot.

It is a quiet fabric and has silent zip closures – the fox will never know what hit it.

It is a comfortable vest lined with polyester mesh for breathability. The fabric is quite soft on the skin and quite comfortable. It is lightweight and perfect for all weather.

But regardless, it is quite robust to handle all kinds of abrasions and resistance – not a bad thing to be on a hunting vest.

It is also one of the most multifunctional vests since you can use it for hunting, fishing, tour, and hiking – it is an ideal outdoor vest. Some of us can even use the vest for outdoor parties.


The vest may not provide the necessary visibility with other hunters in the hunting field – it is too camouflage for comfort.

It does not also have hand warmer pockets that you will find with other comparable vests. The balancing of the vest may also be a bit off – not such a good thing.

12th Best Selection

Modern Warrior Junior Tactical Vest

The tactical looking vest has some great features that you have been looking for in a hunting vest for your junior – almost everything.

For starters, the Modern Warrior Junior Tactical Vest has numerous pockets providing sufficient storage for equipment. The pockets are sufficiently large for the toy guns and other necessities.​

And to ensure their comfort, the vest features an adjustable torso to reduce the movement on the body. The feature is important as the kids grow; they will wear it for a long time. These straps keep the vest away from whatever the activity your children are doing.

It is breathable, and will not prove uncomfortable in hot weather. The vest is lightweight and will not weigh the children down. Your son or daughter will feel more confident in it, with all the features and tactical appearance.

The vest has sturdy zippers to last for a long time. It is an excellent vest as it has a color that blends wonderfully with the environment. Your son’s paintball opponents will never see him moving and crawling along the ground.


The vest is only for junior sizes. Well, it may work for you if you are a small individual regarding body size.

13th Best Selection

Lancer Tactical CA-310 Series Cross Draw Vest in Black

Another tactical vest with all the features you have been looking for in a hunting vest. For starters, Lancer Tactical vest has numerous pockets to ensure you don’t leave anything you need for the hunt behind.

The vest has four panels for ammo and gun – talk of being entirely tactical. Typically, all your hunting needs are under a single vest – how fun could that be? It also has heavy-duty adjustable straps to make it fit for you.

The material is 600 denier polyester for ruggedness and abrasion resistance. That means you will use it in the wild without worrying that the fabric will rip after continuous contact with vegetation.

And apart from the many pockets, the vest has pals webbing that you can use to attach other pouches for additional storage. Hunting some animals may not be as simple as many may think, and so you will require all the necessary supplies.

The vest features a hydration compartment with a capacity of up to 2.5L – this is a feature that you will not find in many hunting vests.

There are also mesh compartments with a zipper closure for more accessible storage and access. You no longer have to fumble around searching for the ammo.

To ensure breathability, the vest features a meshed construction, thereby providing adequate comfort as you patiently wait in your hideout to make the perfect shot.


The vest has questionable durability. The meshing may easily tear under constant use and abrasion. The positioning of the holster may be a little off.

14th Best Selection

Hi Vis Reflective Motorcycle Safety Vest

Some of us want a vest to serve various needs, not the dedicated types. If you fit this category, then a vest like Hi Vis Reflective Motorcycle Safety Vest is something that you will find fitting.

Typically, the vest is ideal for motorcycle fans, who want to try out hunting and see how it pans out before they decide on hunting.

Want to know the best part?

It is a stylish vest that you can wear on various occasions. For example, you can crash on your best friend’s party and go camping with it. You can also wear the vest to your workplace on a casual Friday, and look downright cool.

As a hunting vest, it has the right color for camouflage in the wild. And for your safety, the jacket is reflective and will alert other hunters of your presence. The bold orange color is quite visible from a long distance.

The vest fits well over other clothing, ensuring your comfort. Hunting requires something that allows more natural movement.

It is water resistant and perfect for all weather. That means it will keep you dry in case of light showers and will protect you from direct sunlight.


Well, the vest may not be too bad for beginners, but it has a few glaring shortcomings as a hunting vest. For example, the vest does not have pockets where you can keep your ammo. It also does not have shoulder pads for shoulder protection.

15th Best Selection

ZSHOW Men's Mesh Fishing Vest Multi Pockets Photography Outdoor Jacket

The ideal hunting vest is sufficiently comfortable to support concentration while hunting. Unlike most other outdoor activities, hunting requires a high level of concentration and patience, and this vest adequately supports that.

The best part?

The material is 100% polyester for durability and comfort. It is lightweight and does not require to weigh you down as move from one location to the next as you track the animal. The good thing about polyester is that it has a decent level of water resistance.

It is an all-weather vest with windproofing, mesh fabric and an anti-piling feature. Rain, come sunshine, the vest will provide adequate protection. The detachable back adds to your comfort by keeping you cool.

The mesh vest with pockets is easy to clean and dries quickly, something good. There are D-rings and a hook where you can hang a water bottle, and other accessories that you need for the hunting expedition.

12 pockets make storage more manageable for you. You store your ammo and other things in them. And at the back, there is a large pocket that you can use to store your hunting permit – necessary to be on the right side of the law.

That's not all...

It is also a multi-functional vest that you can wear on a variety of outdoor activities such as safari, hiking, and fishing.


The vest is not reflective, and that may not be ideal when out there in the hunting grounds. The meshed fabric may not be adequately durable and may tear after a period of use.

16th Best Selection

Master Sportsman Men's Shooter Deluxe Game Vest

Master Sportsman Men's Shooter Deluxe Game Vest is a blend of cotton and polyester, to give a decent quality vest.

It is sufficiently comfortable to ensure you are concentrating on tracking the elusive animal – you know how smart they are; you must be at your best to get the best.

The blaze orange color is visible for a long distance, ensuring your safety. It is a front loading vest that is easy to clean and features a blood proof vest.

The vest comes with covered flaps and shell loop holders. That means your ammo is close by, should you spot your target game – convenient pockets are essential features in a vest.

There are also four sizeable cargo pockets that can comfortably fit your binoculars and other crucial optical equipment that you need to be close when hunting.

It is well-fitting, adding to your comfort. It does not stand in the way as you use your rifle. The vest is also to clean and dries pretty first. It is lightweight, and you will not feel its weight at all.

But you can also use the vest on other outdoors, easily, such as camping and fishing.


The zipper may not be of the best quality and can easily break if you don’t handle it with care. It is also short to use effectively and may easily slip your grip.

17th Best Selection

Men's Multi-Pocket Lightweight Safari Utility Fishing Photography Vest

Here is another stylish multi-pocket vest that can make an ideal hunting companion. Well, what we mean by stylish is a vest that looks appealing, and will comfortably fit any activity you are doing.

For example, you can wear the vest to the office or an evening outing, and not seem out of place.

As a hunting vest, the Men's Multi-Pocket Lightweight Safari Utility Fishing Photography Vest has numerous pockets with velcro and zipper closures for easy access to your items.

That means you can carry some of your hunting accessories in the pockets without having to take the big bag with you, especially when small game hunting.

The men's multi-pocket vest has adjustable straps on the waist to help distribute the weight from your pockets adequately. And to ensure optimal comfort, the fabric is 100% cotton, breathable and soft on the skin.

The vest is also ideal for all seasons, and you don’t have to stress over getting another vest for another season.


The vest does not feature a reflective material and may not be ideal in common hunting areas where visibility is critical. The cotton alone material may also not be sufficiently rugged and abrasion resistant for durability.

18th Best Selection

LUSI MADAM Men's Poplin Outdoors Travel Sports Pockets Vest

The khaki colored poplin vest is multi-functional and would make decent hunting vest. You can use it as a hiking vest, a camping vest or even a fishing vest. But no one said that you could not wear it to your friend’s party – in fact, it fits for that purpose.

As a hunting vest, this product has numerous pockets for easier storage. You may not need to bring your large hunting bag for the small game hunting.

Apart from the numerous pockets, the vest is a mixture of cotton and polyester making it lightweight and comfortable. It fits with adequate space for arm movement – important when moving into position to shoot the animal.

What's the bottom line?

The vest is breathable and flexible, making movement easier. And to ensure stealth, the vest has the right color that blends with the surroundings, easily. It is sufficiently sturdy to withstand the wild surroundings, and give you a decent period of service.


Unfortunately, the vest may not be the best choice for those hunting grounds that have numerous hunters. It is not reflective, and other hunters may have a hard time picking you out among the bushes.

The color on this vest may run, thus making it not ideal for wet weather. You cannot prepare adequately for the weather out there in the wild. It can rain at any time.

The Different Types of Ve​sts

No doubt there are many vests on the market that choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult. As a result, we categorize them into three so to make your task of understanding them, easier.

  • Traditional Vest

The old fashion-style vest is gradually growing in popularity based on its many storage pockets and durability. They say that old is gold, and that couldn’t be truer with this bag. It is a real hunting gem.

The ugly truth?

Unfortunately, the traditional vest can feel a little bit hot in scorching outdoors, and a little heavy compared to other varieties such as the Game belt.

  • Strap Vest

The strap vest is lightweight and has other comfort features; any hunter will adore. For example, the vest straps on your waste thus transferring weight from your shoulders to the waist. That means a minimal load that your already tired shoulders have to bear.

There are several varieties of hunting strap vests on the market. Choose your ideal depending on comfort level, and you will not rue your decision as a hunter. It is stylish and comfortable to use if you are a novice.

The game bag, the strap vest comes with is not sufficiently significant to carry some of the most essential hunting accessories.

  • Game belt

The game belt vest is characteristically unique. And as the name suggests, the vest comes with a pocketed belt that makes carrying your ammunition and other hunting accessories an easy task.

It is comfortable and lightweight, meaning that you can run after the game, jump the cliff, and scale a mountain without feeling any effect of the load.


As a serious hunter, you will find the belted vest an excellent selection. However, the vest has less space and may not fit some of the essential accessories you need to make the hunt a success.

Factors to Look for in the Best Hunting Vest

Several factors separate a particular hunting vest from the rest of them. In the hunting world, you want something that contributes to your success, and not one that increases your visibility.

Hunting is a lot different than hiking or camping where visibility is critical, and there’s no need for numerous pockets.

  • Lightweight and​ flexibility

As a hunter, you want something that will not inhibit you when negotiating an incline. Of course, you weight your rifle, hunting bag, and other necessary accessories to deal with, and so you don’t need any different additional weight.

The ideal vest should be not only lightweight but also flexible. An inflexible garment can make your movement, and bend to be such a pain. If a vest is elastic, and can comfortably accommodate you with your jacket, the better.

  • Stealth

Your hunting vest should be as quiet as possible as not to attract unnecessary attention. The vest should enhance your stealth through camouflage, and silence. Away from the hunting grounds, a vest that makes funny noises as you walk can be frustrating.

The type of pocket closure method can either enhance your stealth mode produce some noise to startle the animal have been tracking for an extended period.

  • Material

Cotton and polyester vests are quite common. And while polyester is a cheap material, it is not what we would refer to as breathable. It is a bit uncomfortable.

However, cotton has all the breathability you would want in a vest. Some of the vests also feature a PVC lining to provide adequate waterproofing and comfort even during those wet seasons.

  • Design

The flexibility, positioning of the pockets and weight distribution can aid your shot or make it difficult. For example, reaching for something in a pocket incorrectly positioned can mean lowering your rifle further down to accommodate the hand movement can negatively affect your reflexes.

Something like weight distribution comes into play when you need quick reflexes like when dealing with an animal attack – you are in the wild, and anything can happen. 

Finding a fitting vest, ideally with adjustable straps in place of zipper enhances its versatility. Keeping the vest close to the body reduces chances of discomfort and increases flexibility.

  • Endurance

While most people prefer hunting during the summer months, a jacket that feels comfortable during the hot weather, as well as, the cold evenings are ideal.

Furthermore, you may need to crawl on tall grass or move through tall vegetation, and so your vest should withstand abrasion easily.

The quality and strength of the fabric should be on another level – hunting is no picnic, and you may need to mountain climb or go up a tree, and a delicate fabric will offer very little regarding protection.

Sometimes you will be on treacherous terrain where the strength of wind can be unnatural. At such a time, having a wind resistant jacket helps deal with the situation.

Bottom Line?

It can also sometimes be rainy, and you know how it is out there in the wild. A waterproof jacket will protect you from getting drenched and cold.

  • Stain resistant

Hunting is not one of the cleanest activities. Blood drops and other dirt can cause problems for you in several ways. For example, a dirty jacket can negatively impact on the success of the hunt.

You see, some of the game will easily smell you out leaving you with nothing but your rifle, and a bagful of frustrations.

As a result, cleaning your jacket is one of the most critical of chores before jumping into the bushes. Therefore, it is vital to choose stain resistant jackets.

  • Visibility

There’s usually a debate on whether to choose a mono-color or a bright orange. A mono-color is ideal for those that are more interested with camouflage, and which reduces the chances the animals spotting you.

However, in most cases, the issue is usually on how you move in the bush, as most animals notice movements better than the color.

Therefore, the issue of camouflage may be down to preference, and whether there’s any need to be conspicuous to other hunters.

But there's a catch.

Orange vests are better at ensuring your safety. As such, other hunters are likely to spot you from afar and avert any possibility if mistaking you for the game in the bushes.

  • Budget

It is not difficult to find a vest with the right design, color, and sturdy fabric. The price range between different vests is significantly variable. Ideally, you should choose a vest that easily fulfills your needs, the most basic among them.

However, that does not mean leveraging on quality. You will mostly be using the vest in the wild where there’s a significant amount of abrasion, and so you will need your vest to have a durable material such as canvas and polyester, and such material may drive up the cost.

  • Accessories

The ideal hunting vest should be highly supportive of the activity you are doing. That means having several accessories for comfort and convenience.

No hunter fancies finding themselves in situations where they run out of ammunition. Mostly, a decent jacket should have a shell holder and other pouches for holding ammo.

Even the most skilled hunter will miss, and it would not be appropriate if that signals the end of your hunting for the day.

To deal with the unpredictability of the weather, it is essential that the jacket features waterproof sleeves where you can throw your electronics such as a cell phone. Many of the vests come with interior pockets for this purpose.

Concluding Remarks

The best hunting vest is a great thing to have as a hunter. It has the features such as many pockets to support the hunting activity – it is where you keep the ammunition for quick access.

The hunting vest also provides the necessary protection from the weather and other hunters. Depending on preference, you can choose a complete camouflage vest. The issue here is to offer support as you enjoy the outdoor activity.

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