10 Best Dog Vest Reviews & (Buying) Guide for 2019


Ask any dog owner and they'll tell you how it is to have a dog as a roommate or best friend. Dogs are loyal and fun to be around.  They may not be the best to have a conversation with but their presence is always reassuring.

But it is not only in the house that dogs are good company. Many people find dogs as the best companion when taking a walk or while on other outdoors such as camping or hiking.

Hunting dogs make the work of a hunter easier.  You see hunting dogs track racoons or other small game and fetch when you make the shot. Dogs are excellent when it comes to tracking and can enter into the thickest of blush where you cannot, to fetch the game.

Unfortunately, the hunting grounds are not the safest places for dogs.  As such, it is not impossible for other hunters to mistake the dog as a game and shoot it.

Maintaining visibility for your dog is important to ensure their safety. But vests are not only for visibility but also protection from the elements and identification.

You will need the Best dog vest for the man's best friend.

To that effect, we researched a vast number of dog vests to find the best for your dog and which serves the purpose sufficiently. You know how it is, not all products are equal. Some are better quality than others. The problem comes with identifying which among them is good quality.

But it is not always as simple as it sounds. Looks can be deceiving, and not all that glitters is gold.  As such, it is as difficult as it can get when it comes to choosing quality. You See, quality is a blend of various factors such as material, color, texture, and thickness.

Best Selection

SafetyPUP XD Dog Reflective Vest 

What makes this the best dog vest include the reflective material on it that makes the dog very visible when outdoors. You can see the Reflective Dog Vest from afar without problems.


It is also the best dog reflective vest for hunting.  Some hunting regulations require you to have a reflective jacket to prevent accidents when hunting. You must make yourself visible to other hunters.

If that is the case, then your dog also needs some protection as the year even more vulnerable than you. The dog can sometimes appear like a fox or a wolf.

And but from the blaze orange color, the vest features reflective trim. That enhances visibility and protection for your dog.

Comfort and Durability

The jacket has adjustable straps that make it comfortable by ensuring a snug fit. For durability, the material is 300D Oxford. The strong fabric also ensures your dog's skin is free of abrasion when hunting or camping.

The reinforced stitching adds to its durability. As such, this is one jacket that will go many years without the need for replacement.


Some of the shortcomings highlighted by users include minimal rain protection.  It is not rainproof and does not cover the whole body or at least most of the body.  That leaves the dog exposed in case of a sudden downpour.

Second Best Selection

Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest Small Dogs Safe Fur Guard Zipper Closure 

Two words best describe this dog jacket: comfortable and warm. The Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest is among the best dog vests you can get for your dog, to protect them from the winter colds.  It is quite heavy and chill cannot get to your dog, thus keeping him healthy, warm and happy.


The soft cushioned fabric is pretty nice on the skin and the dog will not complain of discomfort.  Of course, your dog deserves the same little comforts of life that you enjoy and that includes warmth during cold days.


The jacket is water resistant and will keep the dogs dry even as he plays outside or accompanies you for a walk during the snowy days. It also features a fleece fabric on the inside for optimal comfort. Your dog has never been this happier during winter.


The vest is among the most versatile clothing items that you can buy for your dog.  It is not only warm but also water resistant to keep Fido dry when the weather decides otherwise.  You will also find a space for a leash or where you can attach a leash.

The zipper closure makes it even better as it ensures a good fit for your dog. It provides an all-around protection from the elements.


Among the most visible shortcomings is that the Gooby Dog Vest does not have a reflective material for the outdoors.

3rd Best Selection

RUFFWEAR - K-9 Float Coat for Dogs, Buoyant, Secure, Reflective  

Talking of versatility, this is one jacket that defines the term perfectly.  It is warm, secure and durable.


Dogs are always curious and will always run into the bush or other places to investigate. The ruffwear float coat is appropriate for this function. It features a reflective material to keep your dog visible at all times.


Foam panels on this jacket are not restrictive and your dog can maintain their natural swimming position making, it's an ideal life jacket. But the material is also abrasion resistant to protect the skin of your dog from the cold water or blush when out in the wild.

Here's the deal:

You will find a low profile handle that you can use to help the dog out of a situation like picking him from the water or bush. 

Durability and Comfort  

The strong abrasion resistant fabric ensures the vest endures for a long time that you may forget to buy another new jacket. It is warm and comfortable to keep the dog cheerful.


It may not be a good fit for some dog breeds such as pitbull whose most of the bulk is towards the neck.  

4th Best Selection

RUFFWEAR - Swamp Cooler, Cooling Vest for Dogs 

The dog also needs protection from the summer heat. Ruffwear cooling vest has a reflective grey color that reflects heat away from the dog. The cooling vest for dog also supports an enhanced evaporation process further keeping the dog cool. You can now enjoy those beach moments without worrying about your dog suffering in the heat.


For starters, this particular jacket has a reflective material on it for optimum visibility. The trim helps you keep an eye on your dog even in low lighting. You no longer have to wonder where Timmy is during a camping trip.


The three layers sufficiently keep heat away from the dog and help him keep cool during those hot summer days.


From the various dog cooling vest reviews, several users highlight certain issues among them, sizing.

5th Best Selection

OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest Harness with Mesh Padding and Two Handles 

OneTigris Dog Vest is the ultimate jacket for hunting dogs. It has all the features that hunters would find useful including a Molle webbing to attach various things.

Rugged and comfortable

The material is 1000D Nylon, sufficiently rugged to protect the dog from abrasion. The branches, thorns and tree leaves will not hurt your dog while on a hunt.

But here's the kicker:

The material is also breathable and Bosco will not suffer from too much heat making him efficient even as he fetches the game.


There are two handles, both at the back and front, for lead control. Besides, the material is sturdy to keep the dog safe in the outdoors.

Various Colors and Sizes

The vest is available in a variety of sizes and colors. That means you can choose your ideal and which suits your dog.


It would be nice if the vest had a reflective material considering that it is tactical clothing. A little visibility goes a long way into ensuring the safety of your dog.

6th Best Selection

EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket (DFD) 

The EzyDog Life Vest is another of our favorites. It is comfortable, warm and visible.


The texture of the material on the inside is soft and accommodating that even your dog will love it. The neoprene straps provide a good fit. The jacket has a significant amount of floatable materials that are light and feels nice on the skin.


The life vest has more floatable material than most of its peers. That means the dog is safe when in the water. The jacket also features a durable design which not only ensures it lasts a good number of years but also serves as a protection for the dog.

That's not all...

It also comes with a grab handle that you can use to get the dog out of the water. You can also use it in emergency cases where you need to pull out the dog quickly.

The vest also has a reflective material that ensures great visibility even during the night, under which is quite important for safety.


Some of the shortcomings from various ezydog life jacket reviews include sizing.  You may have trouble finding the right size for your dog.

7th Best Selection

Gooby Fashion Check Quilted Bomber Dog Vest Stretchable Chest 

The fashionable vest is quite attractive to look at. It is the kind of jacket that you can wear your dog and make it quite appealing. Your friends will be envious of how great the dog looks.

Yes, man's best friend needs to look as good as we do.  Don't you think so?


In terms of comfort, the jacket is a winner as it features a smooth lining, to keep the dog feel comfortable. It is warm and keeps the dog happy even during gloomy weather.

The jacket comes in a variety of sizes and you can choose the right one according to the age and breed of the dog.  Some of the dogs become bigger than others while others are small.

It is also easy to use and comes with a zipper closure to ensure a quick fit.  You don't have to waste your time trying to fit it on your dog. You just slip it and zipper, as easy as it can get.

The vest is available in a variety of colors and sizes. All you need to choose the right one for you.


The vest is not without shortcomings. And among them is that it does not have a reflective material for the safety of your dog.

8th Best Selection

Outward Hound Granby Dog Life Jacket 

It is undoubtedly one of the best dog life jackets you will find around. The jacket has the right features and doesn't look so bad either. But why do we love it?

Safety and Comfort

The jacket is highly visible with the bright orange color.  It also has a reflective strip which makes the dog even more visible in low lighting. Therefore, you can hike with a peace of mind knowing that the dog is safe and visible to everyone.

It has a pair of grab handles that you can use to help the dog out of a situation. You know how it is sometimes with dogs. They can get into tight spots that they need our help to get out of it.

The foam panel helps keep the dog afloat and doesn’t need to know how to swim. Another great feature is the neck float that helps keep the head of the dog above water.


A handful of users say that it does not last.  Sizing may also be a challenge for some people.

9th Best Selection

BarkOutfitters Real Service Dog Vest Harness 

The service dog vest is also an excellent choice for any dog owner, but more so for service dog owners. It is one of the most comfortable on the market.

Comfort and Safety

The adjustable chest plate on this service dog vest makes it more comfortable than most. The feature keeps the vest from moving sideways and the adjustable straps are a great addition.

You can vary the jacket to fit perfectly, without any problems.

The vest has a reflective strip for enhanced visibility. No more struggling to find your dog when you are outdoors. The vest is also comfortable to use and will not give you trouble trying to fit the dog.

The product comes with up to 50 cards with useful legal information so that you are aware of your rights. You will also find a built-in handle that makes it possible to control the dog during training.

What's the best part?

Barkoutfitters service dog vest has a neoprene inner lining that contributes to comfort and protects the dog from abrasion.

The durable fabric is also breathable to ensure adequate protection and comfort for the dog.


It may not be fitting for some body types.

10th Best Selection

Noxgear LightHound – Revolutionary Illuminated and Reflective Harness for Dogs 

Sometimes the best safety measure you can ensure for your dog is having a reflective harness. But why should you choose a harness instead of a jacket? Well a good reason is the heat of the summer and you may feel an exposed skin is better than any clothing, but that is always open for debate.

The noxgear dog vest also looks pretty good on the dog. Like the noxgear lighthound, the harness is a darling for most dog owners.


Your dog couldn't be any safer when wearing a lighted dog vest. It makes the dog sufficiently visible to everyone including the motorists and other hikers if you are going on a hike.

The lighted dog harness has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that recharges quickly so that your dog can be back to playing outside. The Cordura fabric is military grade and its performance is above that of the most fabrics. It is reflective.

Durability and Comfort

What makes this the best LED dog harness is the military grade fabric that will go for years upon years without showing any stress. You know how much abuse a harness can take from a dog. They will roll, jump and pass everywhere brushing against surfaces in the process.

The battery is long lasting with up to 12 hours of charge meaning that the dog can play for long hours without interrupting him.


In terms of comfort, the harness is quite breathable and will not feel uncomfortable to the dog in any way. And the best thing is that it is an all-weather harness and the dog can wear it any time of the year and day.


Unfortunately, the illuminated dog harness is not like a jacket and is not sufficient to keep the dog warm when it is cold.  It will also not keep it from the rain and hot sunshine.

What to Look For in the Best Dog Vest

As earlier mentioned, choosing quality is not always as easy as it may sound. There are various factors that come into play. In the context of the dog vests, elements such as material, durability, comfort, and use are important.

Before you head out to the store, take note of the following factors so that you can take home the right vest for your dog and avoid disappointments.

  • Needs:  There are a variety of dog breeds and the ideal vest depends on this factor. Some dogs will handle the elements very well while others will not.  Some have a thick coat, which in the majority of cases is sufficient and may not need a vest.

Certain breeds like greyhound, Chihuahua and French bulldog are vulnerable during cold days and will definitely need protection. Forcing them out is similar to going out naked when it is very cold.


But regardless, you know your dog very well and you can determine whether they need extra protection or not. The age of the dog is another important factor that you should consider. Young and senior dogs obviously need better protection than average age dogs.

Recovering dogs and those with other conditions like diabetes kidney disease heart disease or recovering from certain disease also need better protection.

  • Purpose: Why your dog needs the vest is another important factor to consider. In other words, if your dog is a hunting dog and you are planning to go on a hunt, then the vest must make the dog visible and be sturdy enough to protect it from the elements and blush. 

But if you are going to the beach, then it is a different case altogether.  Light vest or harness that helps keep the dog cool is appropriate. Of course, you cannot have your dog put on a hunting vest when going to the beach. Choose the best depending on the purpose. 

  • Material: After determining the purpose for which you need the vest, the next step is to ascertain the ideal material. The best material for hunting vest is sturdy and breathable for comfort and protection.

    In contrast, a vest that you only need for a beach party need not be so tough like a hunting vest. It should be lightweight, breathable and absorbent.  It should keep the dog cool in the heat of the day.  
  • Visibility: Visibility is an important factor and especially so if you are going outdoors with your dog.  Sometimes they can be so excited that they may run all over even in the busy streets, and if it is not visible enough it may encounter an accident.   

A visible vest helps you keep an eye on the dog even as they have fun outdoors.  And if you are going camping or even hiking, the bright color vest is adequate.  Bright orange or another visible color should be on hunting vest to make them visible in the hunting fields.

  • Measurement: When you go to the shop to buy a piece of the clothing item, the first thing you look at is size. It is embarrassing to buy a shirt or a dress and find out that it is oversized. Well, most people often make this mistake when they focus too much on the aesthetics as opposed to the features and measurements.  


The same case applies to dog vests. You must have the right measurements at hand if you are going to acquire the right jacket. You don't want the jackets to be too tight or too loose to be comfortable for the dog.  But how do you know the right measurements? Which measurements do you take from the dog?

What does it mean?

The most important measurements include the girth at the widest part and the neck. You will also need to run the tape from the neck all the way to the base of the tail. Start from the collar. You will also need to know your dog's weight.

Make sure that the vest is a good fit.  It should comfortably go around the neck the test and the stomach if it is a full vest. It should not feel tight to make the dog uncomfortable.

Concluding Remarks

The best dog vest offers sufficient protection to your dog from the elements. It serves as a fashion sense while outdoors.  It just looks good when you are in matching outfits with your dog. We hope the above information will help you find the right vest for your dog.

You can as well pick any from the above and you can be sure to get the best quality on the market at the moment. Our top choice should easily be your best choice. Enjoy the purchase.

If you are looking for protection of your dog while hunting, then this one is for you:

Looking for protecting your dog from the winter colds?

Take this one instead: Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest

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If so, Pick the Ruffwear Float Coat
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Get the Ruffwear cooling vest

Have a nice purchase!

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